Formulize nodes
Formulize for KNIME allows you to find matching formulae with a Formulize server and also to predict values using those formulae. It gives you options to convert back and forth the dates for KNIME and Formulize. You can set various conditions when to stop the search based on the elapsed time, the complexity or other parameters of the search/result. You can search once, and you can use the results as many times as you want (as the results are simple textual data you can even modify them) to predict new values based on new data. Feel free to automate/extend your data mining tasks with the power of Formulize and KNIME.
Naturally these nodes include help in their node descriptions.

Formulize for KNIME uses Formulize the Java APIs, these are working quite well on multiple platforms. You can use it to implement your searches with Formulize from Java programs (you do not have to bother with the JNI stuff (we already did it), or with the reverse engineering of the network protocol). It does not includes the function evaluating code though. (Unfortunately the documentation (code comments) for the Eureqa API is not exhaustive, so it has no point having javadoc generated for the sources, but it is quite simple to use, and we provide example code.)

The Formulize .NET APIs give the same set of functionality as the Java APIs, just for .NET.